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Free white-glove site migration of up to two sites and a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have questions about any of our hosting plans please don't hesitate to ask.

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A WordPress Optimized entry-level VPS. SSH + WP_CLI + Redis + Staging + Database access complemented by 3.75GB of RAM on this SSD backed Amazon c4.large instance.

Single Node
Shared Aurora RDS Database Cluster (Dedicated DB Available)

  • 30 Sites
  • 50GB DISK
  • 200GB BW
  • 1TB CDN




Step up from VPS-1 with 2x the RAM and compute resources. These WordPress optimized c4.xlarge instances are ideal for applications using E-Commerce or Membership systems with higher concurrency requirements.

Single Node
Shared Aurora RDS Database Cluster (Dedicated DB Available)

  • 60 Sites
  • 50GB DISK
  • 300GB BW
  • 2TB CDN



VPS-1+ [HA]

A load balanced and synchronized pair of VPS-1 nodes in separate availability zones for maximum uptime and increased concurrent connections. This High Availability configuration serves several of million monthly pageviews with ease.

Dual Nodes in Active/Active Configuration
Shared Aurora RDS Database Cluster (Dedicated DB Available)

  • 30 Sites
  • 50GB DISK
  • 500GB BW
  • 3TB CDN



VPS-2+ [HA]

A load balanced HA configuration of VPS-2 nodes makes 2x the RAM and compute resources available. This High Availability solution is ideal for resource intensive E-Commerce or Membership applications at scale.

Dual Nodes in Active/Active Configuration
Shared Aurora RDS Database Cluster (Dedicated DB Available)

  • 60 Sites
  • 50GB DISK
  • 750GB BW
  • 5TB CDN




We offer six (6) pre-configured Enterprise WordPress Hosting plans for High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and extreme high traffic needs. Custom Clusters can be provisioned at any size and utilizing nearly any AWS service as well such as Elastic Search. Custom Legal terms available.

Custom Cluster Configurations
Dedicated Aurora RDS Database Included (Read Slaves Available)

  • 60+ Sites
  • 50GB+ DISK
  • 2TB+ BW
  • 5TB+ CDN

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For the most demanding applications and clientele, we present the most comprehensive and powerful managed WordPress solution to date.

  • Bespoke HA Production Cluster
  • Unlimited Dev/Staging Sites
  • Separate Dev/Staging Nodes
  • Dedicated Aurora RDS Database Pair
  • Post-Deploy Code Review
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 2 Support Seats
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Full Site Monitoring/Alerts
  • Playbook / Documentation
  • Quarterly Performance Audit
  • One Hour Guaranteed Support Response
Some restrictions apply.
  • 1 Production Site
  • Included DISK
  • Included BW
  • Included CDN


$228000/yr - No Setup Fee
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Included    Additional Fees    Not Available on Plan

  • Max Sites # WordPress Sites Allowed
  • Setup Time Automated vs. Custom
  • Pageviews/Visitors Who Would Charge For This?
  • Disk SSDs Level Up
  • Bandwidth Everyone Uses It
  • PressCDNIncluded Global CDN for WordPress
  • PressCACHEFaster sites are better sites
  • PressARMORAdvanced Network Security
  • PressDNSRoute 53 Latency reduced DNS
  • Powered by Amazon The World Leader
  • Support No upsell's, just experts.
  • Relative # PHP7 Workers Higher Plan = More Capacity
  • Custom Cache Engine Cache All the Things
  • Automatic WP Upgrades Managed Core/Plugin Updates
  • Automatic Backups to S3 14 day Retention
  • Expert WordPress Support No Upsells. Just Genuine Help.
  • HTTP/2 Faster SSL
  • SSL Allowed https:// All The Things
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Guided Launch White glove assistance to launch.
  • WordPress Multisite Build Your Empire
  • Staging Sites Our CLI Sync Tool
  • Private DB Instance(s) MySql, MariaDB, or Aurora
  • GIT/SVN Hello Developers
  • WP-CLIWP Dev's Rejoice
  • SSH Access Vim or Emacs, You Decide.
  • DB Access SELECT * FROM `wp_posts`;
  • 30
  • 1 Day
  • Free
  • 50 GB
  • 200GB
  • 1 TB
  • Ticket+Chat
  • High
  • Redis
  • $499/m
  • 60
  • 1 Day
  • Free
  • 50 GB
  • 300GB
  • 2 TB
  • Ticket+Chat
  • V High
  • Redis
  • $999/m
VPS-1+ [HA]
  • 30
  • 2-3 Days
  • Free
  • 50 GB
  • 500GB
  • 3 TB
  • Ticket+Chat
  • High
  • Redis
  • $1249/m
VPS-2+ [HA]
  • 60
  • 2-3 Days
  • Free
  • 50 GB
  • 750GB
  • 5 TB
  • Ticket+Chat
  • V High
  • Redis
  • $2249/m

US datacenter VPS pricing shown above.
International datacenter deployment subject to additional monthly fee due to increased bandwidth costs.

No insane overage charges

Add additional resources to any plan at anytime.

Bandwidth Expansion

  • 500GB Bandwidth$65.00/mo
  • 1TB Bandwidth$125.00/mo

Disk Expansion

  • 10GB Expansion SSD$15.00/mo
  • 100GB Expansion SSD$150.00/mo

PressCDN™ Expansion

  • Super 500GB CDN$40.00/mo
  • Mega 1TB CDN$80.00/mo
  • ZOMG 5TB CDN$225.00/mo
  • Hyper 10TB CDN$350.00/mo
  • Hyper 15TB CDN$450.00/mo
Jesse McDonald, GeekPowered
"Pagely is an excellent solution for WP hosting that has a great team to back it up. Their support is phenomenal and I know that when I have a problem, their team will help me find the solution."
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